What We Do

The Art Nest offers both in-school and after-school enrichment programs designed to supplement classroom learning for children from 1st to 6th grade (6 – 12 years old).  We will bring fun and creative curriculum to your school as well as customize tailored programs to meet your school’s specific needs.

Our Mission

Personal attention is our primary goal, and we work very hard to maintain that regardless the class size.  As working artists, our instructors have the experience and knowledge to inspire and help each child uncover the unique artist within. We truly love art and are huge fans of our students’ artwork. They brought so much inspiration and joy to our own professional and personal work. We truly feel fortunate to get to do what we do.

How We Do It

Our objective is to bring the nurturing atmosphere of an art studio to your school. Our teaching style is based on the importance of individuality. The Art Nest classes are conducted in an organic and free-formed style. We use famous artists and art movements as springboards for individual visions and creations. We teach each kid to realize their own vision based on their own personality and temperament, while exposing them to the essential fundamental art techniques in a non-restrictive and non-intrusive way.

What We Teach

The Art Nest’s programs include painting, drawing, printmaking, mix-media, collages and more. These disciplines and techniques are designed specifically to introduce the students to various art skills, and give them the opportunity to grow as young artists. Help them strengthen their knowledge in art, and further develop art vocabulary and skills.

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