What We Do

A picture is INDEED worth a thousand words. At the Art Nest, we are certainly aspired to live up to that statement. After all, we are in the business of visual education. Our mission from day one was to devote ourselves to the purpose of making each and every one of our student the best artist she or he can become. We want to turn those casual interests and weekend doodles into amazing, unique, and inspiring artistic creations. We treat all of our students as individuals and guide them to explore their own vision and creativity. 

My daughter is loving this class and so am I as her parent! Great teachers that keep the program very diverse and interesting. I am excited to see the artwork my daughter creates every week.
— Milena, mom of Iris, 7
My son can’t wait to go back each week. He is very happy with the attention the instructors give him. They make him feel really comfortable to express himself. And he has a lot of fun!
— Diana, mom of Lucas, 8

What We Offer

The Art Nest offers a comprehensive curriculum, include painting, drawing, design, printmaking, collages, mixed media on a wide range of subjects such as still life, landscape, portraits, automatic drawing, outdoor art, and much more. But more importantly, it's the way we teach. Fine art education has been around for centuries. Every art student more or less went through the same learning process. At the Art Nest, we believe we have the winning formula to truly uncover each student's hidden talent. Explore their unique personality and vision. Our programs are free-formed without any rigid structure or the pain-by-number approach. We can say, with full confidence, we truly mentor each child with a personal program tailored just for her/him.

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